Viewpoint Analytics

Quick access to analytics that help contractors easily make sense of data

Make the most informed decisions based on data integrated from across tech stacks to create simple, drag-and-drop reports that are easily assembled and shared.

Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Spreadsheets and Inaccurate Data

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Make Data Work Harder for You

Better understand ERP data with simple visualizations that allow you to plan and forecast, keeping projects on track and on time.

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Access All of Your Construction Data

Centralize data in a secure, modern cloud environment with realtime access from a single trusted source.

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Enhance Strategic Decision Making

See a high-level view of projects and teams across regions and take confident actions to maximize profits.

Make smarter decisions with a data analytics tool built with construction business needs in mind

Banish the need to run everything through the one person who knows SQL, SSRS or Crystal Reports to get true business insight. Viewpoint Analytics makes your ERP data accessible across your organization, pulling construction data from Spectrum or Vista to share across with project teams and the field as well as making it accessible in an easy-to-use web interface.

Make Reporting a Tool for the Many, Not the Few

Standardize company reporting on a modern technology stack that makes it easy and efficient to access your data. Let Project Managers, operations, and accounting teams access their own insights through easy and powerful drag-and-drop self-service reporting.

Custom Reports

Aggregate data analytics from across job financials, cost details and contract billings to build need-specific reports and share them easily across your organization.

Straightforward Data Visualization Drives Early Action

Live visualizations let you easily deep dive into data and share important reports with stakeholders so you can take action on early indicators of business challenges in time to course correct.

Simplify Your Data Transformation with Viewpoint Analytics

See how Viewpoint Analytics helps contractors enhance strategic business decision making by aggregating data for easy-to-consume, self-service reporting.