Data Protection & Compliance for the Construction Industry

Trusting Trimble Viewpoint to have your safety and compliance efforts top of mind.

“Your data is valuable. When you choose Trimble Viewpoint, you choose a partner leveraging a significant investment and belief in cyber security to maintain data protection and system integrity. From security certifications to regular infrastructure investments, we leverage defense in depth to ensure risk is responsibly managed to maintain your trust.

“At Trimble, providing best-in-class construction solutions in combination with ensuring our focus on building secure software is a number one priority. Our goal is to be the most secure construction software partner our customers can leverage.”

— Ryan Johnson, Director of Cyber Security

Director of Cyber Security Ryan Johnson

Certifications and SOC Compliance

Trimble Viewpoint has proudly earned SOC certifications as part of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) control platform—thus providing customers with an increased peace of mind and verifying our partners. Those certifications are listed below.

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Cyber Essentials plus badge

USA & Canada Product Line

Vista Viewpoint HR Management Spectrum HR Management for Spectrum Viewpoint Team ProContractor
SOC 1 Type 2
SOC 2 Type 1
SOC 2 Type 2

Taking a Modern Approach to Cybersecurity

Learn how a contractor customer improved data security practices with Trimble Viewpoint.

More Information About Trimble Viewpoint’s Commitment to Security

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Cloud Hosting Partners

As the makers of the best software in the construction industry, Trimble Viewpoint partners with the best in the hosting industry to safeguard your investment in the cloud.

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Reliable software with a reliable plan. With a disaster recovery plan, our target recovery point objective is 5 minutes. This includes a secure off site backup location, daily differential backups and a weekly full backup.

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Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Read how we routinely perform security scans to validate our security posture and remain aligned with our Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC).

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Trimble Viewpoint Security FAQs

Explore common questions and answers relating to our security and data handling processes.

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Why It’s Critical to Have a Sound Cybersecurity Strategy

The world has become largely digitized over the past few years, and more reliant on technology than ever. In 2018, Forbes wrote that humans created 2.5 quintillion bytes (2.5M Terabytes) of data every day, and 90% of the world’s entire data was created within just the previous two to three years. That same year, Cisco noted in a report that 94% of all workloads would be run in some form of cloud environment by 2021.