Spectrum Service Tech Mobile

Grow your service business with a mobile service app natively integrated with your accounting system

Spectrum Service Tech™ is a mobile work order app that empowers field service technicians with the data they need—allowing them to focus on completing their job while enabling office staff to bill and get paid faster through tight ERP integration.

Let Techs Focus on the Real Work, Not the Paperwork

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Bill & Get Paid Faster

Service Tech flows closed work orders back to the office in real-time, enabling office staff to promptly bill for completed work — often in the same day.

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Higher Productivity = More Work

Techs spend less time looking for information and doing paperwork, freeing them up to do more billable work.

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Understand Cost & Revenue in Realtime

Spectrum’s job cost accounting ties cost and revenue directly to work orders, providing realtime insight non-integrated systems simply cannot match.

It helps us not just track and analyze things, but it directs our business development efforts, which we couldn’t do before — except by guessing.

— Terry Oakes, CFO, Wilson Electric

Common Data Set = Better Visibility

Spectrum and Service Tech operate from a common data set between the field techs entering information into mobile apps and the office staff working in a desktop environment. Everyone is on the same page because everyone is operating from the same information in real-time.

Easy to Train On & Use

Service Tech was specifically designed with field techs in mind. The software is easy to use, requiring minimal training and driving fast adoption. Field technicians love using Service Tech because it makes it faster and easier to complete their work and nearly eliminates paperwork.

Critical Job Information Front & Center

The most critical job information is easily accessible to minimize the number of clicks needed to get started. This speeds up routine tasks and helps close one work order and move onto the next job faster.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

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