Hilti ON!Track and Spectrum Integration

Drive more revenue by automatically tracking tool usage, now integrated your ERP with Hilti's tool management system.

The Hilti ON!Track™ tool management system is now integrated with Viewpoint Spectrum. Stop wasting time tracking down tools in between job sites, reduce loss and theft—and move your equipment costs “above the line.”

Loved by the Field and the Back Office

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No More Hunting for the Right Tool

Keep field workers on task instead of wasting time calling around to find the right tools.

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Automated Tool Utilization

Drive more revenue from your equipment and tools — ALL your tools.

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Source of Truth

Integrate tool management into your Spectrum ERP for visibility by other parts of your organization.

ON!Track Mobile App: Simple and Powerful

The biggest cost of manually tracking tools on the jobsite is not the extra equipment you have to buy when things are misplaced. Its the loss of productivity when work grinds to a halt — a loss of 10 hours per month per jobsite, according to research from Hilti.

Hilti ON!Track is a fast, simple tool management mobile app used by the field and equipment managers. It takes just seconds to find tools and transfer them to an employee, jobsite, or back to the warehouse.

  • Cut equipment loss and theft
  • Rugged passive and active tags
  • Track all makes/models of tools

Tool Utilization: Automated and Allocated

Hilti ON!Track calculates tool utilization time and syncs with Viewpoint Spectrum so it is allocated to the right job. With Hilti ON!Track, you can accurately invoice for tool usage, and use your tools to generate revenue, rather than being just another cost.

  • Sync tool transfer between jobsites and employees
  • Quickly run automated, rule-based invoices
  • Stop manually double-entry of tool use and acquisitions
  • Automatically allocate accurate tool utilization to jobs

A Single Source of Truth for Equipment Management

Why is it important to have a single source of truth for equipment and tools? Much like tool management, it’s about labor. With today’s tight labor market, there are no more employees to throw at problems. You need to automate away clerical tasks that don’t produce revenue, like AP/AR clerks chasing receipts, foremen hand-entering tool utilization, and of course, tool hunts in the field.

A source of truth for equipment means every part of the organization always has the correct data it needs. It means having the utilization data you need to run automated, rule-based invoices by the job with the touch of a button.

  • Avoid duplicate entry and manual errors by automating tasks
  • Stop “guestimating” tool allowances and bill accurately for tool usage
  • Decrease overhead by moving tool costs above the line

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