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Single database management solutions provide unparalleled visibility into the life cycle of your projects. Complete projects on time and within budget with a modern system built specifically for construction.

Challenges Project Managers Face in the Construction Industry

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Spreadsheets and Sticky Notes

Outdated processes slow down construction project manager responsibilities and open up greater potential for error. There is typically a lack of visibility and real-time communication between office and field staff – creating a backlog of updates and creating project delays.

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Communication and Collaboration

The field is where things can fall apart for those using manual processes to make decisions—all causing communication breakdown due to lack of streamlined processes and software.

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Time Management and Workflow

Project managers spend time tracking down information. Often, daily logs, materials tracking and budget lose accuracy due to lack of up-to-date reporting and visibility.

Project Managers Can Finally Sleep Better at Night With Viewpoint Construction Software

Manual processes can be eliminated, time can be greatly saved and communication and collaboration with field teams can improve drastically by implementing best practices and modern construction management software.

Get Digital and Lose Errors

Using construction project manager software specifically designed for the construction industry, cloud-based solutions digitise processes for those in the field and the office, creating real-time solutions that eliminate lost paperwork, a backlog of updates and late information and mistakes.

Viewpoint was seen as customisable, flexible and easy-to-use. We went from talking about stopping margin erosion to seeing exactly where jobs are losing money.

— Andrea Wright, Director of Training, Sachse Construction

Gain Time and Streamline Workflow

Cloud based software built specifically for project managers provides up-to-date reporting that not only benefits construction project managers, but also any internal or external teams chosen by the project manager. By putting all the project’s information into one software solution, a time management and workload efficiency is created that helps project managers focus on needed tasks instead of putting out fires and rebuilding timelines.

Solve Communication Breakdown

Digitising daily logs, site inspections, materials delivery and other daily site information through construction planning software allows the office and field to communicate and collaborate with real-time data, encouraging fast on-the-job corrections to keep projects moving forward.

Get Ready to Streamline Project Management Processes and Focus on High Reward Deliverables

Viewpoint has many options for project management. We’d be glad to answer your questions about what would work best for you.

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