Managing Construction Human Resources

Whether battling the construction labor shortage, working with a handful of employees or managing hundreds of workers moving from one job to the next, learn how modern technology can save you time, streamline onboarding and improve employee retention.

Challenges Human Resources Staff Face in the Construction Industry

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Increased Risk

Manually tracking PTO, benefits and other confidential employee information increases the risk of mishandling privileged data — leading to frustration, failed audits, lawsuits and fines.

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Lack of Time

With constant employee requests including PTO, paycheck stubs, application follow up— this puts bottlenecks in workflow, causing less time spent on recruiting and more time on employee requests

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Onboarding Struggles

Organisations struggle to quickly find and keep employees during the construction labor shortage. Juggling finding talent and keeping current employees happy is a challenge while tracking expenses.

Now, You Can Overcome Common HR Challenges With Viewpoint Construction Management Software

Reduce risk by going digital with a construction specific solution. Now, you can spend more time onboarding talented construction professionals and less time chasing information needed for employee requests.

Reduce Risk By Going Digital

A digital construction solution houses an employee’s data in one place and removes paper documents. Limit spreadsheets, back and forth email and paper—remove items that increase risk and prepared for an audit with digital resources and confidence.

Viewpoint HR Management has also helped bring a level of consistency to projects that was missing before. In an era where projects are moving faster and skilled labor is harder to find, having a simplified, automated onboarding process helps to provide a standardised process that keeps employees and projects moving. I think the ROI is pretty easy to see — especially when it’s turning something from paper and people time to software.

— Kendall Pouland, Director of Professional Development, Tellepsen Builders

Empower Employees and Get Time Back

A secure, easy to use system that allows employees to have access to their own information saves precious HR time. With Viewpoint, employees can retrieve payroll information, enter time off, review training records, benefits and more.

Beat the Construction Labor Shortage

Attract top talent with a modern recruiting process used to attract new talent eager to sign on with a modernized firm. Also, potential employees track applicants through the entire process. This speeds up the hiring process, removes —allowing you to hire talent faster and more efficiently.

Get Ready to Streamline Human Resource Processes

Viewpoint has options for a construction human resources manager. We’d be glad to answer your questions about what would work best for you.

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