Managing Construction Human Resources

Whether battling the construction labor shortage, working with a handful of employees or managing hundreds of workers moving from one job to the next, learn how modern technology can save you time, streamline onboarding and improve employee retention.

Challenges Human Resources Staff Face in the Construction Industry

Construction human resources directors and managers deal with thousands of moving pieces daily. None, though, are more critical than people. Whether battling the construction labor shortage, working with a handful of employees or managing hundreds of workers moving from one job to the next, outdated manual processes create roadblocks in hiring, retaining and managing the construction employees.

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Manual Tracking

Manually tracking PTO, the new hire application process and certifications not only slows down the hiring process of construction employees and creates unneeded wait times for those already on staff, but opens the process to errors and risk.

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Time Management and Workflow

Human resource staff is constantly interrupted by various requests including PTO, benefits information, paycheck stub copies, application follow up and more— this puts bottlenecks in HR workflow and causes HR to spend less time on recruiting and more time on requests from the entire organisation.

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Attracting Talent

Human resources continues to grapple with attracting talent in a highly competitive industry. The struggle continues as organisations try to quickly find and keep employees. Juggling both finding talent and keeping current employees happy can be a challenge.

Human Resource Managers Can Finally Sleep Better at Night

Manual processes can be eliminated, time can be greatly saved and communication and collaboration with field teams can improve drastically by implementing best practices and modern ERP construction software.

Digital Tracking

Using a software management tool designed specifically for the construction industry puts an employee’s data in one place in real time, reducing HR liability and providing information to managers when they need it—reducing the need for time consuming spreadsheets, back and forth email and other manual processes.

Get Time Back and Improve Processes

When employees have access to their own information — the same information managers draw their data from — it speeds time management and workload issues for both employees and managers. Using one simple system for all HR tasks creates clear visibility into employee data only for the parties who need inclusion. This saves precious HR time and empowers construction employees.

Beat the Construction Labor Shortage

Technology in the recruiting and application process to attract new talent eager to sign on with a modernised firm, but it also helps you and potential employees track applicants through the entire process. This speeds up the hiring process; removing delays —hire talent faster and more efficiently.

Viewpoint HR Management has also helped bring a level of consistency to projects that was missing before. In an era where projects are moving faster and skilled labor is harder to find, having a simplified, automated onboarding process helps to provide a standardised process that keeps employees and projects moving. I think the ROI is pretty easy to see — especially when it’s turning something from paper and people time to software.

— Kendall Pouland, Director of Professional Development, Tellepsen Builders

Why You’ll Love Viewpoint Construction Software

By streamlining real-time data and automating critical HR workflows, Viewpoint Project Management Software technology is removing the headaches and burdens from strained construction HR teams. And, it is boosting communication and collaboration across the organization, leading to happier, higher-performing employees, more productive projects, and higher-performing companies.

All-in-One Construction Software Suite

Hosted in the cloud, ViewpointOne combines the industry’s best construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings with our Team and Field products, giving you an integrated and flexible system for managing operations, improving productivity and enabling better decision making.

Reduce HR Burdens

Viewpoint HR Management™ improves productivity by giving your construction organisation the ability to better manage your field and office employees through highly efficient processes — taking the burden off your strapped HR team.

Get Ready to Streamline Human Resource Processes

Viewpoint has options for a construction human resources manager. We’d be glad to answer your questions about what would work best for you.