Accounting Professional

How can you improve accounting processes for your organisation’s construction projects?

Hurdles You Have to Overcome as an Accounting Pro

You deal with plenty of pain points. From manual, time consuming processes to lack of communication between accounting and operations, real-time reporting, payment control and accurate job cost accounting—you have a lot to deal with.

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Outdated, Manual Processes

Slower, manual processes bog down accounting for construction companies and open up greater potential for error.

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Communication Breakdown

Jobsites are where construction firms shine. But the field is also where things can fall apart for those in accounting trying to get information and data. Without direct, immediate communication, projects can come to a stop, corrections can’t be made immediately.

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Reporting Errors

Work-in-progress accounting includes reports coming in from the field to ensure up-to-date reporting and met deadlines through the life of a project. Without real-time access to data and immediate updates, reports can be inaccurate—leading to project delays and false projections.

There is a Way for Accountings Professionals to Save Time, Improve Communication and Ensure Accurate Reporting

Software can remake manual processes, disconnect between accounting and operations and create effective job costing and tracking, payment control with real-time reporting.

Take the Stickiness Out of Sticky Notes

Integrated with accounting and built for collaboration, a modern ERP solution removes time consuming, manual processes—creating efficient accounting processes and workflow with minimal errors.

Seamless Communication

Digitising daily logs, snagging, site inspections and other site projects through construction planning software allows accounting teams to communicate with the field with real-time data, encouraging on-the-job corrections to keep projects moving forward.

Get Real Reporting in Real-Time

Real-time data means job costing no longer relies solely on historical data for decisions on current projects. Instead using Viewpoint accounting software provides accurate job costing on a current project. From billings-to-date reports to contract summary at complete reports featuring how jobs perform.

Since implementing Viewpoint in our business, it's allowed us to analyse our data a lot better, therefore allowing me to make better decisions as the business owner.

— Declan White, Director, Monford Group

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