Construction Finance

How can you improve your construction finance workflow and measure job cost effectively?

What Hurdles Do Finance Professionals Have to Overcome?

Organisations making decisions and working without clear financial data or clear pathways of communication struggle to translate successful construction into a successful construction business.

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Communication Breakdown

Communication with other members of the organisation, from the in-the-field project team to in-the-office decision makers, is a challenge without all stakeholders having access to the same financial data in real time. Questions don’t get answered quickly, leading to uncertainty and unresolved financial questions regarding a construction project.

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Inaccurate Data

Modern construction accounting software helps construction finance professionals assist in painting a complete financial picture, one that fills in holes and errors with accurate data. Without accurate data, information helps project managers make decisions on budgets, expenses, bids and procurements… are missing.

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Time Management

Manual processes and outdated software leads to inefficiencies such as budget deviations. For instance, time is wasted looking for variation in revenue and the status of a project’s finances.

There is a Better Way for Construction Finance Professionals to Save Time, Improve Inefficiencies and Calculate Revenue

Improve communication, gain quick access to accurate data and save time by removing bottlenecks and trying to figure out a construction project’s real financial status.

Communication with Ease

Using Viewpoint integrated software allows the finance departments to communicate with other members of the organisation, from the in-the-field project team to in-the-office decision makers. With everyone having access to the same financial data, all in real time, questions turn to answers and uncertainty into well-informed, quick-moving decisions.

Better Data Faster

Fills in holes and errors with accurate data. Improved information assists project managers make better decisions on budget and improve efficiencies along the way to create a better end result for the company. Finance has an easier job-data is more reliable allowing for accurate decision making and future projections.

Gain Time and Streamline Workflow

A modern construction solution allows a construction finance professional more resources to calculate job cost data, pour over actual costs to allocate revenue and costs correctly. Stay ahead of the financial picture of a project and know the status of a project’s finances every step of the way.

Viewpoint offered the key functions we considered were important versus other systems where we would have to compromise. It integrated all of our accounts and project management side of the business, and granted the security and robustness we needed.

— Michael Bohlscheid, Operations Manager, Lahey Constructions

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