Equipment Management in Construction

Increase the longevity of your equipment investments

Impact your bottom line with a modern construction software solution like Trimble Construction One that can easily track equipment usage and maintenance.

Get the Most Out of Your Construction Equipment Investment

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Improve Tracking

Accurate equipment usage leads to accurate job cost—increasing profitability.

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Better Maintenance

Get a surefire way to maintain maintenance schedules that can ensure the care and function of your investments.

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Accurate Billing

Remove manual processes and document equipment usage digitally against jobs. This leads to correct billing and an accurate bottom line.

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Manage Equipment's Unique Needs with Trimble Construction One, Specifically Built for Construction

The modern Trimble Construction One construction management suite can help easily track equipment usage, maintenance and show how it impacts your bottom line — helping you make better business decisions.

Track Equipment Smarter

With Viewpoint's construction software suite, you can digitally track operating costs by easily assigning equipment spend to jobs or projects. Estimating future projects becomes easier and more accurate.

Know Your ROI

By using construction-focused software to connect equipment costs directly to your construction projects, you can see how much it costs to manage your machinery. This also leads to improved estimating, smarter investments, better managed jobs and greater profitability.

Gain Back Control and Avoid Project Delays

Get the most out of your equipment by digitally tracking maintenance history so everyone stays in the know. Equipment operators know ahead of time when maintenance is scheduled or a repair is needed, helping keep projects running towards completion.

Before Viewpoint, our equipment tracking basically amounted to asking our shop manager ‘how much do you think it costs to keep this piece of equipment?’ It was basically guessing at our equipment costs.

— John Friedel, CEO, Baldwin Paving

Better Equipment Management Software Built from the Ground Up

Viewpoint has an equipment tracking solution for everyone. Contact us below to learn more.

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