Construction Estimating

Bid smarter and win more projects with accurate construction estimating supported by realtime data.

By collecting accurate data throughout projects, you can stay on track, under budget and use that data to gain a competitive edge when estimating your next project.

Win With Better Construction Estimating

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Get Accurate Data

Leverage data gathered from previous projects to make estimating accurate and profitable when bids are won.

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Speed Up Workflows

Easily gather and share data from pre-construction to project completion.

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Gain Visibility

Access and share project data with actual vs. estimate cost overrun information.

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Win Projects and Boost Profitability with Construction Estimating Software Backed By Realtime Data

Contractors can save money by leveraging data collected throughout the project with smart, construction-specific software that can confirm and improve estimating.

Refine Estimates and Win More Bids

Construction estimating is easier, more accurate and more profitable when backed by real construction data. Collecting accurate data throughout projects with an integrated solution helps contractors gain an edge when estimating.

Avoid Errors and Stay Profitable

Track the health of your projects from the beginning with early, sharable reporting that can spot potential cost overruns before they happen and provide the data for smarter estimating.

Automated Workflows Improve Estimating Accuracy

Viewpoint’s integrated project management system helps contractors gather and share data from pre-construction to project completion, powering the estimating process with speed and accuracy.

More Accurate, Profitable Estimating

The absolute best way to win more bids, improve the accuracy of estimates and stay profitable on projects is by analyzing real construction data. Let us show you how.

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