Cloud-Based Construction Estimating Software: The Easiest Way to Estimate


Connected Construction & Building Estimating Software is the Best Way to Improve Profitability

Using paper to estimate and bid can be a slow moving, time draining process.

There are many reasons to adopt integrated construction software, including flexibility, organization, and project management. Using a web- or cloud-based software solution is also the best way to increase your estimate accuracy and improve profitability. It should be a part of your strategy to win more bids. Quick, accurate estimates can be a fast and efficient way to grow your business.

If you’re still using paper to estimate and bid, you know it can be a slow moving, time draining process. Utilizing Trimble Viewpoint’s software increases your efficiency, accuracy, and speed when creating estimates. Viewpoint Construction Estimating is integrated with Viewpoint Vista, giving you a toolbox of digital solutions to effectively look at cost, takeoffs, bids, and more, all from the comfort of your preferred device — desktop, mobile, tablet, or laptop.

In an effort to increase your profit margin, it’s imperative to accurately estimate labor hours, budgets, and costs without wasting time or money. Having all the information in one place lets you confidently negotiate and bring your expert bid to the table.

Easily calculate quantity, length, and area in a fast and accurate manner.

Viewpoint’s custom capabilities make estimating fast and easy, checking off all the boxes as you prepare a bid.

Estimating Digital Takeoff

Using Trimble Viewpoint’s building estimating software for digital takeoff, you can easily calculate quantity, length, and area in a fast and accurate manner. This allows managers to be on top of any changes and revisions with peace of mind knowing that everything is being recorded in one place. Being able to look at the scope of work and measure any changes will take the stress off when it comes time to present a bid.

Viewpoint incorporates Earthwork so you can perform a takeoff for contours, cut and fill, elevation changes, and any sitework items from a set of blueprints. Viewpoint makes it easy to drag and drop between Earthwork and Estimating, so quantities, cost catalogs, and estimates are the most accurate for each job.

Using work breakdown structure (WBS) codes that you are in control of makes it easy to filter, sort, organize, and analyze, letting you look at estimate data in the way best for you. Determining job costs up front, from materials and equipment to labor, eliminates surprises and unforeseen charges.

Bid Day tool

Using the Bid Day tool, you can make changes rapidly, work with actual and speculative scenarios and make immediate adjustments. This also allows you to create a bid and an estimate at the same time, or create a bid without having to do an estimate first.

Having the information and bids at a glance allows for easy modifications, duplications, and deletions.

Invitation to Bid feature

Managing subcontractor bids and supplier quotes is seamless with the Invitation to Bid feature. Tracking, storing, and managing in one central location keeps you from the chaos of dealing with all the external moving parts of a project. Having the information and bids at a glance allows for easy modifications, duplications, and deletions.

Part of a company’s success is effectively managing subcontractors and the invoices, compliance reports, and everything else that comes with them.

Bid Dashboard

We’ve built our Bid Dashboard to be pleasing and straightforward. This collection of charts and graphs details the information about your bid, letting you drill down to the tiniest detail of each component. The Dashboard features Wins/Losses, Profit Variance, Pending Bids, Bids Due, and Bids Expiring right at your fingertips.

Ready to win more bids and change the way you estimate? Check out a demo of Trimble Construction One, or reach out to us. It’s time to make your project bids painless and successful.