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Expense Management using Viewpoint HR Management

Visit out website to learn more: Allow employees to manage expenses on the go with a tool that works in tandem with Vista. "If you're using Vista as the single source of truth in your office, it's now easier than ever with Viewpoint HR Management to empower your employees to capture expenses on the go and get reimbursed. Viewpoint HR Management enhances the power of your Vista Investment by better connecting your employees to Vista in an easy to use web application on any browser connected device. It's Vista brought to the web, made awesome. Imagine a world where employees can capture a receipt when they make a purchase with the camera on their mobile device and upload it to HR Management on the web. Code the expense to the appropriate job, general ledger, equipment, or work order account. Once the expense is submitted, the administrator can approve or reject and adjust coding of the expense so that it's now available in Vista to be batched and then paid. HR Management allows you to import credit card expenses. The accounts payable team can download a .csv file from any credit card company and upload it to the system. The team can then see all of the credit card transactions from the file it can AutoReconcile. Imported transactions can immediately be added to your items-pending submission with the type listed as credit card. On the credit card dashboard, you can then reconcile to the credit card statements. HR Management empowers employees by letting them easily submit and manage expenses all integrated into your Vista payment process. It's Vista brought to the web, made awesome."