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Employee Self Service with Viewpoint HR Management

Save your HR team some time and allow your employees to self-serve when it comes to time-off requests, scheduling, personal info, paystubs and more using Viewpoint HR Management. "If you're using Vista as the single source of truth for your office, it's now easier than ever with Viewpoint HR Management to empower your construction employees to update their own personal information through self-service from any browser connected device integrated directly to Vista. It's Vista brought to the web, made awesome. Employees can update their own personal information, change their contact information, all writing back into Vista. Employees can access their past pay stubs, timecards, download 1095-C's, W2's or T-4's without having to put in a request with a supervisor to extract or create. It's all created automatically. Your employees can request time off on an easy to use form that allows them to forecast time off in the future based on accrued time, while HR staff and managers can configure unique accrual schedules, permissions and approvals. Then see who on your team will be on the job site or in the office on a given day or week. Viewpoint HR Management lets you take documents for employee review and signature digital, post important compliance documents, and capture your employee signatures in one central location, and simply extend the most up to date SSRS reports from Vista to your employees to access in the field, office, or on the go so that they always have the most accurate data from Vista. Viewpoint HR Management empowers your construction employees by allowing them to easily control and access their own information. Viewpoint HR Management is Vista brought to the web made awesome." To learn more about Viewpoint HR Management, visit our website here: