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Spectrum Jobs Page and List Box

Interested in learning more about Spectrum? Visit our website: Being able to find your way around Spectrum’s job page is important to effectively manage your business. Spectrum makes it easy to adjust and personalize your view into important job data. To view more Spectrum tips and tricks and to keep up with what else Viewpoint has be sure to subscribe here! "Spectrum, Helpful Tips and Tricks for the Jobs Page and List Boxes. This video is one in a series of videos to help you learn about features you may not know about in Spectrum. Be sure to watch the other videos in our series on Viewpoint's YouTube Channel and subscribe to stay up to date on the latest and greatest content. We're going to talk about jobs. A couple of things in job costs that there is to know. A couple of things that are important is that when you go through the site map, you'll notice you've got your standard traditional menus. But we also have a job section here. When you click on jobs, these are links to every part of the info bar for jobs. The idea here is that when you go to the jobs page, this is the same as, I mean, the info bar is basically where you're ending up. So I just want to make sure that everybody is aware that all of those different options will appear and they're in the site map so that you can get there quickly and directly. Also, just as a suggestion or security option, you might not see things on here and that may be due to the fact that you don't have a certain module or you might not have security to that page. It is very common that some users will not get access to certain payroll pages just because it might contain something significant and something that we don't want to share. So now let's talk about this screen here. The job screen, this is an example of a list box. Now, list box are basically just that. You can move columns around, you can sort on columns, all of that kind of good stuff. Whatever order you put them in, when you come back to the screen, it will retain that order. So that's very helpful. If there's something important that you want to see, maybe you care more about, this is the projected cost override. If you've manually changed the way projected costs are going to run and you put an override in there, you can take that column and put it out to the front so that you could then see it. Now, if you're done and you don't like this option anymore, or you want to go back to standard, you right click and you go to clear settings. This works on any screen. This is the same as accounts payable vendors, AR customers, et cetera. Anywhere that you've got a list box."