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Viewpoint Financial Controls Overview Demo

#constructionsoftware #Viewpoint #constructionfinance #projectmanagement #constructionprojectmanagement Project Management and Operations need an easy to use platform for AP workflows. Viewpoint Financial Controls is fully integrated with Vista and Viewpoint Team to deliver fast access and an easy to use experience on a browser and mobile responsive portal. For more on Viewpoint Financial Controls, subscribe here! Or visit our website: "Real time collaboration between accounting and operations teams is critical. Construction teams in the field often have inefficient means of communicating important financial information and workflows back into the office. When they need access to data to manage projects, they are left manually sending requests back to the office and staff or they have to worry about connectors and third party integrations that have sinking problems and data mapping issues. Viewpoint Financial Controls empowers those in the field by connecting the office, team and field, extending vista to project managers, project engineers, superintendents, and foremen, utilizing the team platform as the point of integration. It's accessible on the web from virtually any mobile device. Viewpoint Financial Controls automates and accelerates your accounts payable, reviewing, purchasing and job billing. Let's take a look at what Financial Controls can do for you. For AP review, go paperless and view batched and processed, check images and invoices together in a single screen. Project managers can access invoices in the field on their mobile device accelerating communication with the office. In financial controls purchasing capabilities, view the entire PO process in a dashboard, view POs by job, inventory, equipment, work order and more, create New POs, PO requisitions, and material requests with ease. Hoping controllers and accountants get an organized view of the entire PO workflow, letting them assign POs to only those who are relevant. In job billing, bring together all your billing documents, job cost details, and attachments into one single billing package. Reduce your manual processes, extend Vista to the web, and improve your collaboration with Viewpoint Financial Controls."