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Primus Builders Integrates the Field & Office with Viewpoint Construction Software

Primus Builder overcame many challenges by implementing Viewpoint Construction Management software. Find out how they eliminated double handling and streamlined communication.

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By replacing multiple jobsite apps and Microsoft Office forms to Viewpoint Team and Field View applications, both office and trailer gained total visibility over the field - and eliminated double handling and duplication while standardizing data. Field teams benefited from consistent processes via a single login. A flexible forms builder ensured that familiar looking forms were recreated to ease the team's transition from old to new.

In-product interaction and correspondence around RFIs and submitals yielded a complete audit history and made it easy to identify ball-in-court. Notifications and operations dashboards improved accountability by directing team members pressing items. All of this results in a better-run projects, which improves Primus’ ability to deliver on time, within budget and to the highest quality and safety standards.