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Spectrum Job Specific Equipment Rates

Interested in learning more about Spectrum? Visit our website here: Sometimes a specific job needs equipment rental rates to be adjusted for particular cost or project reasons. Spectrum offers an easy to adjust option to set specific equipment rates for a particular job. To view more Spectrum tips and tricks and to keep up with what else Viewpoint has be sure to subscribe here! "Spectrum helpful tips and tricks for jobs specific equipment rates. This video is one in a series of videos to help you learn about features you may not know about in Spectrum. Be sure to watch the other videos in our series on Viewpoints YouTube channel, and subscribe to stay up to date on the latest and greatest content. If you had a job specific equipment rate so you come in and you say new, you select the piece of equipment that you're looking for, maybe it's the corporate jet. We're going to charge $23 an hour, which isn't very much, but let's just say that that's what we wanted to do. What's going to happen is that when the jet is charged to this job, we're only going to charge it out at $23 an hour. Now you can also come through and do an update rates, where when you come in here you select the types of equipment. I don't want inactive equipment. I want to set the job rate to be, let's just make it 110% of the standard equipment charge, and we want to overwrite this and we want to add new equipment. So I'm going to click okay, and what we ended up doing is now we're taking the standard rates that were on these projects, I mean, that we're going to charge the jobs, multiply by 110% and we get a new set of rates here. So that's just a way to speed that up for those of you that need to manage these things."