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Spectrum BI User Defined Fields

You can find more information on Spectrum by visiting: Turn your own configured User Defined Fields into actionable insights with the power of Spectrum BI. Subscribe for more helpful Spectrum Videos and Viewpoint insights! "Spectrum BI User Defined Fields. User defined fields allow the contractor to store additional information that is not already stored in the system. These fields are now available in the project management, equipment and service cubes and can be used when creating analysis reports. User defined fields can be added to jobs, equipment and sites. They need to be set up as company all or not company specific with active as its status. Numbers, dates and alpha-numeric user defined fields are supported. Dates will appear in one of three different ways, year, month or title of user defined fields or UDF. In user defined fields, the following symbols will be stripped. For example, Jack & Jill will appear as Jack Jill. Let's look at an example of a job user defined field. This one has been created for a bonus deadline. Under edit you will see it is selected to company all and marked as active in status. Now in the analysis report we can see that bonus deadline. Anytime you see an asterisks, it means that nothing has been entered into the field."