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The Cost of Doing Nothing: How Outdated Construction Software is Slowing You Down

Far too many contractors today are still conducting their operations with outdated software and/or manual processes. Why? The biggest reasons seem to boil down to familiarity/reliance on the existing systems that teams have been using and assumptions of the costs of a technology overhaul versus return on investment. 

But contractors that wait to modernize their operations could find that there’s an even bigger cost with doing nothing. Watch on-demand to hear from our Trimble Viewpoint experts as they discuss the true costs of staying on outdated construction management systems versus making the move to a more modern and connected construction management system. 

During this webinar we covered:

  1. How a modern connected construction environment can improve how all project stakeholders work together.

  2. The technologies powering today’s connected construction transformation, and what might soon be on the horizon.

  3. Real-world examples from contractors who have already benefited from connected construction data and workflows.