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Put Labor and HR at the Center of Your ERP

Labor is nearly always one of the top two costs for nearly every area of commercial construction. And the tasks around managing labor and labor data fall on everyone — field operations collecting applications, finance manually inputting payroll, project management dealing with slow and inaccurate time entry.

Yet despite the huge cost and value of labor, in the culture of construction, HR tends to face doubt and headwinds when it comes to modernizing. It’s time for real talk about the value of HR to your whole company. And look at how a more modern approach frees up time across the organization and lets you make smarter decisions on timely, accurate labor data.

Join Trimble’s operations and HR braintrust — Terri Gresham and Marissa Baker — as they talk about:

  • How they got other C-level executives to see the value of HR
  • Implementing an HRIS system native to their ERP and built for construction