Contractors Find Success with Viewpoint ePayments

Using Vista, Viewpoint ePayments

Viewpoint ePayments. Viewpoint's integrated payment management solution, in partnership with payments technology provider, Nvoicepay, Vista and Viewpoint ePayments helps improve your efficiency and reduces the costs of your AP process.

I hate to use the word seamless, but to be honest, I found our process be very seamless with Invoicepay. Files now or are generated on a weekly basis. We pay every week, sometimes twice a week, and the files are uploaded. There's never been an issue with file transmission. There never been a problem on Nvoicepay on them not getting things paid on time.

— Christopher H.

It has exceeded the amount of rebate that we're getting back on our credit card payments. Originally we did not pay any of our vendors with credit cards. It was all with either check, we had one was ACH. With a number of vendors that had signed up for credit card payments, we're actually paying for one of our FTEs with a rebate.

— Dave Deutschman

For our vendors, we printed out a list. We went through the ones that really should be contacted, and then Invoicepay contacted all of them for us. We didn't have to do any of the legwork. Our vendors can contact them, and they're very flexible for our vendors. The payments go out timely. The security issue is not a problem at all. It's been really wonderful.

— Michelle Thorne

Viewpoint ePayments. Simplify and speed your AP process, reduce risk, and generate revenue.

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