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What's New in ProContractor 3.13!

To learn more about ProContractor, visit our website at: Check out the new ProContractor 3.13 update that offers awesome new features across ProContractor Accounting and Mobile. For more on ProContractor and the latest and greatest of all of Viewpoint's other solutions subscribe to our YouTube Channel! "Hello, and welcome to our release video for the ProContractor 3.13 release and the ProContractor Mobile 6.0 release. My name is Michael Upton, and I'm the Senior Product Manager of the ProContractor product suite here at Viewpoint. Today I am excited to share 10 new features with you. These features represent over 640 votes from the suggestion box from our customers. We are dedicated to listening to you and help improve ProContractor to help you manage your business. First off, we added the ability to move various tabs within ProContractor into their own window within the accounting and estimating suite. This allows you to utilize more than one monitor and have different ProContractor tasks open and viewable at the same time. There are two ways to take advantage of this new feature. You can click and drag the tab out of the ProContractor frame to automatically create a new window, or you can right click on the tab and select open in the new window option. Next, we've improved usability in the estimating products to streamline day to day tasks and reduce errors. These features include performance improvements related to assemblies, allowing folder creation to help manage your sheets within an estimate, allowing items from the estimate or catalog to be copied to multiple destinations, and allowing items from the current estimate to be included when creating an assembly. For the accounting and project management suite, we've improved the usability and regulatory reporting requirements. We're excited to announce our first phase of our integration with Aatrix. Aatrix is a third party software that focuses on regulatory reporting at the federal and state level, supporting over 330 different regulatory reports across the United States and Canada. Our Vista product has utilized Aatrix for more than a year with great success. With Aatrix, ProContractor will support quarterly and monthly regulatory reports at the federal and state level. This integration is available to all customers for free, and will save you time and money by making it easier to produce and file your federal and state regulatory reports. In our next release, we will add the capability to support annual and year end regulatory reports like W2s, 1099s, and Canadian T4s. Another enhancement to help our customers become paperless, we've added a new security option that prohibits users from deleting items from the binders throughout the system. This setting can be applied at the user or the user group level through our security system. We've also added standard fields for tracking an employee's veteran status. These fields are also available in the employee view within ProContractor. We've also made several exciting improvements to ProContractor Mobile. Mobile users can now use the same ProContractor mobile app on the same device, allowing individuals to use one common device at the job site. Each user will have an individual login where they can view and record their information. The other enhancements that we did to ProContractor Mobile, we've added time summary for individual time entry. This feature shows the employee's total hours for the day along with the hours spent on each project or task. The Viewpoint team is excited to provide you, our customer, with these enhancements that will help you manage your business easier and more efficiently. For details on all of these features, please review the release notes available on Clearview. I hope you take advantage of all the enhancements offered in this release. We're excited to bring even more capabilities to the ProContractor product suite in the near future. As always, we want to hear from you. Please submit your thoughts and ideas through the suggestion box. Don't forget, registration is now open for the 2019 Collaborate User Conference on September 23rd through the 26th here in Portland, Oregon. This is a great opportunity to meet up with your colleagues and learn how to get the most out of ProContractor. We've also almost doubled the number of ProContractor sessions this year. Thank you for watching and we hope to see you soon."