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Service Work Center

You can find more information on Vista by visiting: Access all of your most important Service information from one central location in Vista. Subscribe for more helpful Vista Videos and Viewpoint insights! "Vista Service Work Center. For dispatchers who need to get access to valuable information, they can access Service Management Work Center. This helps dispatchers create service work orders so that they meet their customer needs on time, with accuracy. In the Service Management Work Center, you can easily see all information about your call center, quickly finding a customer or a service site using the Google-like search in the upper right, using simply an email address, a phone number, or a contact to locate that contract record, giving you access to history. Once you search, you can click and launch into the workflow and easily edit the form. Another helpful tool is scheduling or work order history. By clicking on the icon on the upper left, you can execute workflows like billing, closing, or jumping to the customer site record and creating a work order. This work center, together with the dispatch board, gives dispatchers valuable information to make educated decisions on the job."