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Managing Talent in the Construction Industry

Implementing human resources technology can help attract and hire talent during a labor shortage. Learn what you can do to help in your organization's recruiting efforts.

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The construction labor shortage continues to plague contractors and executives tying to move projects forward. With baby boomers retiring and construction ramping up, many companies are finding it hard to attract and retain the workers they need. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the industry had an average of 238,000 vacant jobs in the first half of 2018, so competition to fill construction jobs is fierce.

But there are ways for construction firms to get ahead of the competition. Implementing talent management technologies can help increase firms' appeal to millennials and other tech-savvy workers by streamlining processes such as hiring, onboarding, training and payments. These technologies can also help with succession planning, increase transparency in communicating with employees and empower human resources to focus less on paperwork and more on accruing and developing talent.