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Viewpoint Field Management Overview Demo

#constructionsoftware #Viewpoint #fieldmanagement Work in the Field require easy to use time capture and material and equipment management tools. Digitizing these workflows Viewpoint Field Management extends Vista to the Field delivering integrated records and data capture back to the office. To learn more about Viewpoint Field Management and Viewpoint's other integrated construction solutions, vista our website at: "Let's face it. ERPs are not designed for the field. The field staff need to interact with and capture data for the ERP. With Field Management by Viewpoint, pass the complexity and manage the field with ease. With Field Management, you don't have to go into Vista. You can access it from virtually any mobile device on the web. Get realtime data on the job site, access to tools, including time, equipment and more, and a simpler experience to let you focus on stronger business performance. Let's take a look at what field management has to offer and just how easy it is to use on your mobile device. Empower superintendents and foremen to easily enter labor time, either individually or in bulk. Leverage the power of Vista look-ups so that your phases and jobs are always in sync with the office. Simply approve time with digital signatures that speed up accountability. With progress entry, cut back on burdensome paperwork by giving PMs an efficient way to review productivity by crew, outstanding units and units to be built and compare estimates against what's been completed. Remove delays and tedious email or paperwork by creating field POs or requisition materials from inventory from the job site. Your office Vista settings will control permissions and ensure material requisitions are coded to the right job. Viewpoint Field Management lets you record materials when they're delivered and quickly create POs. Record what's brought in and take a picture of the receiving ticket, upload it, and your generated PO number will instantaneously be identifiable in Vista. Mitigate risk by standardizing your training of skills and certification for job site personnel and track their progress of training to make sure you fulfill compliance. In daily huddles, expand communication by keeping project teams accountable to schedules and keep them filled in on important job site details, and track the usage and maintenance of equipment. Concluding equipment transfers and updating meters, extending your equipment management data from Vista into the field. Let project managers and operation managers get realtime updates, gain greater visibility and simplify workflows with Field Management by Viewpoint."