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Construction Podcasts Worth Checking Out


Learn which podcasts about construction, architecture, and other topics related to our industry are worth your time.

Are you a podcast listener yet? You have no shortage of ways to consume media these days, but we’ve found podcasts can be a great way to learn something new, hear from interesting people or keep up with the latest construction news while you’re commuting to work, exercising or cooking dinner. When you’re short on time, that’s a win, right?

We’ve rounded up a short list of podcasts for you to check out if you’re interested in exploring construction news topics, getting tips for business success or learning some interesting history about our industry. Whether you’re a podcast newbie or you’re just looking for something new to listen to, we think you’ll find these worthwhile.

Man listening to construction podcasts with headphones.

Get tips, insights and stories in these construction podcasts.


If you’re looking for practical information you can apply to your contracting business, as well as some interesting news about cutting-edge construction technology, check out CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio, a bimonthly podcast brought to you by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

The show, hosted by Peggy Smedley, an expert in helping companies understand disruptive technology, explores the latest trends in construction tech. Each episode features an interview with an expert in construction, occupational health and safety, regulations, technology and others topics. Episodes are also an easily digestible 25 minutes long.

Where to start: To learn about recent tech trends, check out “The 3 Biggest Technologies Impacting the Construction Site.” For an exploration of 3D printing technology, tune into “Additive Manufacturing Is Coming to Construction.” If you’re interested in how to use data on the jobsite, listen to “Using Big Data to Influence Equipment Operator Behavior.”

The ConTechCrew

At an hour each, episodes of The ConTechCrew Podcast are on the longer side, but they cover quite a bit of ground every week. Hosted by three construction technologists from JBKnowledge (which you might know as the publisher of the annual Construction Technology Report), each episode of the show features an interview with a special guest and a roundup of current industry news. You’ll get a variety of perspectives on this podcast and learn about an array of tech.

Where to start: Find out how technology is affecting workers in the field in “The ConTechCrew 137: ‘Cooler Than the Internet’ with Mike Zivanovic from UA Local 597.” Or learn about lean — a hot topic in construction right now — in “The ConTechCrew 134: Lean (Construction) On Me with George Hunt of Bond Brothers.”

99% Invisible

If you’re tired of thinking about work all the time, we recommend checking out 99% Invisible, a podcast about “the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.” Many episodes touch on topics related to construction like architecture and city planning, but instead of offering direct tips, they focus on interesting stories. Each episode, hosted by Roman Mars, runs about 30 minutes.

It’s not uncommon for your best ideas to come from learning about a new subject or trying something new, and this show might just help spur some creativity or problem-solving.

Where to start: For a look at a unique part of the building process in Japan, check out “Earth Defense: Shaking Buildings in the World’s Largest Earthquake Simulator.” To learn about the history of what was once an important construction material (brick), listen to “Dollhouses of St. Louis.” Or to hear how landscaping can make homes more fire resistant, try “Built to Burn.”

A Viewpoint on Construction

Finally, we encourage you to check out our own podcast, A Viewpoint on Construction, where we provide modern takes on our transforming industry. We cover the latest technologies and best practices, but also look at the trends that are affecting construction. In each (approximately 30-minute) episode, Wayne Newitts interviews some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts from technology to industry trends to contractors that have their own unique perspectives on key industry topics. Each episode, guests highlight what’s going on in the industry right now that contractors should pay attention to.

Where to start: To help clear up regulatory confusion, listen to “The Discipline of Effective Construction Compliance Management.” For a closer look at construction software, don’t miss “Getting the Most Out of Your Construction Software.” Or start at the beginning with our very first episode, “Women in Construction,” to hear the fascinating stories of two female industry leaders.  

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