Precision Concrete Expects Six-Figure Cost Savings With ViewpointOne

Georgia-based Precision Concrete Construction is a full-service concrete contractor for industrial and manufacturing, as well as multi-family residential, sports, commercial and institutions. Precision has earned a reputation for meeting aggressive schedules that quickly convert projects into revenue generating spaces. The company ranks among ENR’s Top 600 Specialty Contractors and Concrete Construction’s Top100 Concrete Contractors.

Before ViewpointOne:

  • Site conditions and VPNs impacted connectivity when accessing Vista™ ERP data from on premise servers
  • Management of on premise hardware, software and data strained IT department resources
  • Concerns existed around the migration of data to the cloud and potential for process change impacts on end users
  • Double handling of data and manual processes was needed to bridge the gap between apps not natively integrated with Vista
  • Procore’s® operations data and workflow not comprehensively and bi-directionally integrated with Vista’s accounting data and job financials
  • Expensive project revenue based licensing and multiple vendor contracts kept software costs elevated


  • Fast and issue-free cloud data migration with zero process change impacts on end users
  • Anywhere, anytime access to ensure business continuity
  • Reduced IT strain, avoidance of future server refresh cycles and the ability for IT to concentrate on high-value activities
  • Mobile tools tightly integrated with Vista replacing spreadsheets and manual processes for greater efficiency
  • A single system, from a single vendor, that’s natively integrated for seamless accounting and operations data flow
  • Expected six-figure cost saving by moving to ViewpointOne™
  • Unlocked further gains in profitability and efficiency with self-serve job financials reporting and analytics

Continuing reading the customer story for more specific information on how Precision Concrete maximized profitability with construction specific software. 

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