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HR Management Makes Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Simple and Fast

Learn more about easy applicant tracking and onboarding through Viewpoint HR Management at "We know the challenge in construction is great. With over half a million vacant jobs, 80% of contractors are finding it difficult to attract and keep qualified skilled labor, but contractors today are just not equipped to meet the challenge. HR and back office staff are often manually onboarding employees at job sites, managing one off requests to access or edit personal employee information and can't easily integrate recruiting efforts to efficiently onboard. But now if you're using Vista as the single source of truth for your office, it's now easier than ever with viewpoint HR management to integrate your applicant tracking and onboarding and take it digital. With HR management, you can integrate an applicant portal page directly to your corporate website where candidates can see available job postings and apply. All open job requisitions are stored in a single location where administrators can evaluate applications, add notes, and monitor stages in the hiring process. Once a decision is reached, you can easily send a template offer letter and move an applicant into the onboarding dashboard. HR management's integrated onboarding leverages all of the information provided by the applicant during the hiring process when setting up an employee so they don't have to reenter data. Employees can set up their own personal direct deposit, benefit elections, edit dependents, and their personal info all from any browser connected device. Meanwhile, data is immediately updated and in sync with your Vista ERP to ensure one single source of truth. Viewpoint HR Management enhances the power of your Vista investment better connecting your employees to Vista in an easy to use web application on any browser connected device. It's Vista brought to the web, made awesome."