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Contractors Find Success with Spectrum in the Cloud

Visit our website to learn more about Spectrum today: There is a lot of buzz around construction technology in the cloud. But what do actual contractors who have experienced it for themselves have to say about it? Speaker: "Smart, powerful, and easy to use. Viewpoint Spectrum Construction Software gives contractors a complete cloud-based construction management solution that allows them to work in real time, no matter where work takes them." Colleen Ward: "We immediately went to the cloud when we purchased Spectrum back in 2017. And we've just had great success. The nature of our business is that everyone is spread out. They're on job sites, they're in remote offices. We have nine locations in 10 states of work, so we're spread out, and the cloud allows everyone to be accessible to our system wherever they are." Paula Hansen: "Well, we can tie it all together through the cloud with allowing other people to come in and see their jobs, their works, that do it from their position in the field, or their position in accounting, or project management. And so, therefore, I think that it's a collaborative feeling that they can all work together, and it's almost immediately that, you know, you get through and you post it to the cloud, and then they can go in and look. So you're real time doing it." J Brennan: "We used to have to print and hand out reports to all of our field PMs and to the field superintendents and field foremen, now they can actually dial in and access the data themselves, within their limits obviously, to get the same information we would have to produce for them. What the cloud is, is faster, easier access, and less hands touching the paper. Less paper." Colleen Ward: "I definitely think contractors who are not thinking about moving to the cloud are at a disadvantage with the Viewpoint One products themselves. You're already going to be behind if you can't add business intelligence, which is amazing, service tech, and all the new team and field products coming out. But our business and our industry really should be the leaders of this, because we have always been spread out. We don't ..."