Spectrum® Construction Reporting Software Turns Data into Action, Accessible Where and When You Need It

See the information you need to see in formats that make sense to you. With Spectrum Reporting, you are working with the freshest data possible from within Spectrum and are able to manipulate that data to best analyze your operations. Choose from a large selection of pre-built reports, modify them to suit your needs, or build your own reports using powerful query tools.

Spectrum’s flexible reporting structure allows you to keep real time tabs on every aspect of your businesses such as job profit trends, change order status, over/under billing, responses to bid invitations, and much more.

Cloud Construction Reporting Software

Spectrum’s Info-Link allows you to access all your business data and create reports using any ODBC-compliant software such as Microsoft® Excel, Word, or Crystal Reports™. Once created, Spectrum saves your report and you can use it as often as you like, refreshing data with a single click. With minimal training, you’re able to create your own charts, graphs, reports, mass mailings, and more. Working in tandem with Spectrum’s powerful Query Developer, Info-Link provides a seamless connection to the industry’s most popular reporting applications.

Query Developer makes it easy to build custom reports that include any data you need from within Spectrum, with automatic report generation and email distribution features—ensuring that the people that need data have it whenever they need it, in formats that are simple to understand and analyze.

As with all areas of Spectrum, strong security settings ensure that only people with the proper access rights can query data.

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