Introducing Automatic Invoicing!

Trimble Viewpoint has built a robust Automatic Invoicing feature using more than 10,000 historical invoices to bring you an amazing time-saving solution.

With Automatic Invoicing, PDF invoices are turned into new vendor invoice entries in Spectrum with minimal manual entry—all made possible with Trimble Construction One cloud based technology. Invoice entry is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step One:

Upload PDF invoices with an easy drag-and-drop capability, or forward them to an inbox.

Step Two

Data from uploaded invoices automatically populates into fields, displayed side by side with the original invoice for verification.

Step Three:

Populated data is approved and sent to Spectrum as a new vendor invoice entry with a click of a button.

Save Time & Money

Instead of asking employees to enter invoices, let Automatic Invoicing do the work, so they can focus on revenue generating activities. No need to purchase additional license types, as Automatic Invoicing is built into the Office user license.

Improve Data Accuracy

Reduce manual data entry, which is prone to errors (or moving slower to avoid errors). Future-proof your business with machine learning, which continues to get more accurate with time.

Ready to Use From Day 1

Automatic Invoicing uses machine learning, meaning you don’t have to set up special templates, and there are no additional configurations required to begin using. Trimble Construction One Spectrum customers can simply set up and start using!

Reduce Errors and Headaches

Automatic Invoicing takes the burden off your accounting teams by streamlining the manual workflows that are slowing them down (and can be prone to errors).

  • Use for single or batch invoices
  • Zoom in to review, correct page rotations, add page breaks, or remove unnecessary pages
  • Save your work in progress and never lose your place or data
  • Easily make any needed corrections in the data pulled. Changes you make will be “learned” by the solution to help ensure future data is being captured and populated how you need
  • One-click to send to Spectrum for the workflows or review processes that are needed, with instant population into Spectrum’s vendor invoice entry form

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