With Spectrum® Purchasing & Inventory Construction Software, Master Your Purchasing Costs and Simplify Inventory Controls

Spectrum’s purchasing functionality allows you to take control of all of your purchasing needs through a dedicated, easy-to-use purchase order solution. This allows you to stay on top of all purchases for jobs and available inventory—no matter where items are located. By streamlining all of your purchasing and inventory processes in Spectrum, you can ensure that your project teams have the materials they need to complete the job whenever they need to have them.

Make smarter, more accurate purchasing decisions

Spectrum’s Purchase Order solution fully integrates with other Spectrum functionality, including Accounts Payable, Work Order, Equipment Control, Preventative Maintenance, Document Imaging, Inventory Control, Time + Materials and Job Cost.

Spectrum purchasing construction software gives you the ability to:

Purchasing & Inventory Construction Software: Get a 360-degree view of your assets and materials—no matter where they are located

Spectrum’s Inventory Control construction software solution gives you a powerful tool to manage your Inventory. Organize and verify inventory whether using perpetual or period inventory methods to ensure you are making fully-informed purchasing decisions.

With Spectrum Purchasing & Inventory construction software you can:

Spectrum’s Inventory Control construction software sends alerts when stock needs to be reordered, and with an intuitive look-up system, inventory items can accessed with ease. You also have the ability to lock down inventory against any changes when unit counts are needed or discrepancies arise.

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