Streamlined Payroll Data Entry From the Field

Payroll Time Entry is a Spectrum app for both Android and Apple tablets and smart phones. It works as a stand-alone tool for managing labor and equipment time from the job site, while still providing integration with Spectrum. Payroll Time Entry makes it easy for your staff in the field to enter, track, and manage labor hours and equipment usage.

Simple and Secure

The Payroll Time Entry app provides supervisors the ability to quickly enter payroll data from the job site then have that data integrate seamlessly with Spectrum’s Payroll and Human Resources applications. With its simple interface, you can charge employees’ time to specific jobs or pieces of equipment. This data can then be used to update Job Cost information in Spectrum.

The app requires unique ID and PIN numbers in order to access data, ensuring only approved employees have access to input time and equipment information.

The Right Information at the Tip of Your Fingers

Spectrum’s web-based interface gives you access to the full capabilities of the software from virtually any computer or mobile device. However, sometimes you only need to perform simple tasks or access specific information. That’s where apps like Payroll Time Entry come in.

Launch the app and see just the information you need. Quickly and easily enter time for an individual or a crew, review period summaries, or manage other aspects of payroll data entry. Then move on with your day. Spectrum Apps streamline work flow, saving you time and eliminating duplicate data entry.

A Focus on Payroll Time Entry

An app should do one thing and do it well. That’s why Payroll Time Entry focuses only on payroll data entry. Select a job and then enter employee or equipment hours, review period summaries, and manage the job by adding employees, equipment, or adjusting hours. That’s all it does—and it does it well. Whether working on a tablet or smart phone Payroll Time Entry’s interface makes it easy to handle payroll data entry in the field.

Select a Specific Job

Quickly choose from a list of your current jobs and you’re ready to go. You can easily switch jobs from any of the main screens.

Enter Employee Time

The Labor screen is where you select an employee and enter their time. The list is filtered to contain only those working on the selected job. The current date is shown as a default, but it’s easy to change it with just a couple taps of the screen.

See a quick summary of each employee’s time, showing labor and equipment time already attributed to them, as well as the number of timecards already created.

Select a name to bring up their time card screen where you can edit or enter time, assign work type, phase and wage codes, and pay level. as well as create new time cards. You can even create new time cards and enter optional notes–all from one well organized screen.

Information is entered quickly from a series of lists. With just a few taps of the screen you’ll have the time card completed. Then you can create a new card or move on to the next employee.

Enter Entire Crew Time

Have a number of employees with similar data to enter? With just a few taps, you can copy one employee’s data to another group of employees to further speed the job of time entry. Or copy an entire set of employee data from one day to the next for those jobs that span multiple days doing the same tasks.

Enter Equipment Time

For equipment usage, the process is even more streamlined. Simply choose the piece of equipment from a list and quickly enter the hours and set the phase code and you’re done.

More Than Just Hours

Payroll Time Entry was designed to work with payroll data the way you need to. There are customizable add-on codes can be added through Payroll Time Entry to account for items like mileage, per diems, and truck charges.

Review Period Summaries

Payroll Time Entry provides a quick and easy way to view period summaries. Select a period then choose from labor or equipment to view information for that week.

See a list of employees or equipment with a total of all hours assigned during the selected period. Drill down further to see the hours by day. And if you need to, just a tap will take you directly to the appropriate time card so you can make adjustments.

Manage Jobs

To expedite data entry, Payroll Time Entry automatically fills select fields such as the date and default total hours. But it’s easy to make global adjustments from the Manage Job screen.

This screen also allows you to quickly add employees or equipment to your jobs. Simply search all company employees or equipment and tap to add them to a job.

Payroll Time Entry helps you track and manage job costs in real time with more accuracy.

Make the Most of Your Time

Payroll Time Entry allows you to enter payroll data from anywhere—no Internet connection required. All your changes are stored safely on the device until you are within coverage range. A quick tap of the sync button and your information is immediately available to Spectrum software and automatically integrated across all relevant Spectrum applications.

Created specifically for use with Spectrum, Payroll Time Entry is the most efficient way for supervisors in the field to handle payroll and equipment time entry from wherever they are working.



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