Spectrum® Materials Management Construction Software Fine-tunes Your Aggregate Operations for Better Efficiency

If your contractor or construction company has a materials plant, aggregate pit or quarry, you understand the importance of tight material controls. Spectrum's Materials Management solution, including integration with scale applications, gives you the data and the reporting tools you need to ensure accuracy and efficiency in your operations.

Fully integrated with Spectrum’s Inventory Control and Job Cost functionalities, Spectrum Materials Management ensures you have up-to-date inventory records and timely billing for materials.

Spectrum Materials Management Construction Software allows you to:

Materials Management: Adaptable and scalable to all of your material needs

If you rely on a third-party to haul materials, Spectrum Materials Management helps you verify their time and mileage with freight cost reconciliation. You can compare the invoice from your vendor to tickets from your scales application, ensuring you are never overcharged.

Running an aggregate pit, materials plant or quarry, you know that sometimes scales can break or hauling must be put on hold. As a complete construction management software solution, Spectrum was designed to handle wait time in addition to hauling management.

If you need to purchase aggregate from third-party vendors who invoice you, the materials cost reconciliation function within the Spectrum Materials Management solution allows you to either bill your customer for the materials or requisition the materials to the job.

Spectrum Materials Management Construction Software lets you easily adjust your materials inventory, manually enter weight tickets when needed, set up custom hauling rates, and track any miscellaneous materials costs. Fully integrated with Spectrum Document Imaging, you can easily digitally attach copies of new materials tickets to jobs, ensuring that material costs get accurately accounted for and that nothing is overlooked.

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