Spectrum® HR and Payroll Construction Software Turns Your Human Resources and Payroll Operations into a Well-oiled Machine

Your employees are the important assets to your construction business. Attracting and retaining talented individuals and keeping them paid, informed and happy is critical to your operations. With Spectrum HR and Payroll, you can manage these processes with ease.

Spectrum HR and Payroll construction software manages the entire employee lifecycle including recruiting, hiring, training, benefits and payroll by providing tools to manage:

HR + Payroll Construction Software: Streamline all of your personnel data management and create a secure virtual filing cabinet that digitizes your employee records

Spectrum gives you a secure vehicle to easily store, track and access all of your human resources data. Eliminate the paper trail, while creating a better audit trail.

With Spectrum’s HR functionality, you have all the employee information you need, at your fingertips, including review forms, training logs, incident reports, direct deposit and earnings history and much more. Automatic alerts ensure that everything from required training and certification documents to benefit eligibilities and anniversaries remain up to date and don’t slip through the cracks.

HR + Payroll Construction Software: Realize a smooth payroll process and reduce headaches

From handling union versus non-union wages to certified payroll to ever-adjusting pay scales to variable tax rates and multiple jobs, managing your construction company’s payroll can be daunting challenge each week. But with Spectrum, it doesn’t have to be.

Spectrum’s Payroll construction software solution integrates seamlessly throughout Spectrum to connect all of the dots and ensure that everyone is paid correctly and on time. Spectrum Payroll supports certified payroll for government jobs, union payroll tracking and reporting, confidential payroll and multi-state payroll.

Spectrum automatically calculates the appropriate local, state and federal income taxes and withholds payroll taxes based on where work was performed. Spectrum supports multiple tax identification numbers and can provide employees working for more than one company during the same pay period with a single paycheck.

Spectrum allows you to easily manage multiple union variables, such as cash benefits, deductions and add-ons. Spectrum automatically updates pay rates—even if they occur in the middle of a payroll cycle—ensuring that you stay current with your union contracts if they change.

Empower your employees by letting them enter their own time and get access to their payroll and HR data

With the powerful Spectrum Dashboard application, Employee Kiosk, all of your employees will be to enter their own hours, as well as view and print payroll check stubs, W-2 forms and other information. Additionally the Payroll Time Entry mobile app allows supervisors and project managers to enter labor and equipment hours remotely from the field without having to wait until they return to the office.

With strict security and permission settings, you can control who creates, views, modifies and deletes any employee data, while date- and time-stamped records of any HR and payroll activities within Spectrum creates a thorough audit trail.

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