Spectrum® Construction Equipment Management Software Maximizes Your Bottom Line to Get More Life Out of Your Equipment Investments

Equipment can represent one of your company’s biggest capital investments. Realizing even a small margin of additional efficiency or return on investment can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Spectrum Equipment Management Software allows you to streamline all of your equipment tracking, maintenance and management costs with one easy-to-use platform.

With Spectrum Equipment Management Software you can:

Equipment Management Software: Realize smarter, more effective equipment cost tracking

Your equipment owning and operating costs are two very different functions, but both equally important to your bottom line. Spectrum construction equipment management software gives you the tools to manage all financial aspects of your heavy equipment investment, including complete operating and ownership costs. As you deploy your fleet, assign these costs to the jobs where they belong, improving the accuracy of job costing and helping you create more precise estimates. By tying equipment costs directly to your jobs in Spectrum, you ensure inclusion of equipment costs into your job cost estimates.

Once you can accurately track your equipment costs, you may create benchmarks to show how much it costs to operate your fleet. Companies that can accurately benchmark their costs have the ability to better estimate true costs for their jobs, realize better managed jobs, and ultimately better profitability.

Equipment Management Software: Optimize your fleet and usage of equipment

Spectrum Construction Equipment Management SoftwareSince you need different equipment for your various jobs—and equipment ages—knowing which to own versus rent, their various lifecycles, and how to get the best use from each piece of equipment is vital to your projects’ success. spectrum construction equipment management software gives you the tools to identify all fleet management costs across classes of equipment, individual machines, and parts and assemblies, helping avoid negative returns on your investment.

Spectrum helps you stay in the construction equipment management sweet spot by giving you the ability to combine the owning and operating costs of your equipment to identify when a machine has outlived its useful life in your fleet and should be replaced. Spectrum helps manage average-age usage and ROI of your fleet.

Equipment Management Software: Take control of your resource scheduling

During the peak of your construction season, you may have hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment and workers to track and schedule. Spectrum simplifies fleet and employee resource management with Resource Scheduling. With Resource Scheduling, you can assign equipment and personnel to job sites on a day to day basis. Once scheduled, employees receive an email letting them know when and where they will be working.

Resource Scheduling also lets you know who is available and assign them to haul equipment to the job site. As part of a robust construction management software application, Resource Scheduling even notifies you of scheduling errors—such as if the equipment is larger than the vehicle that is supposed to haul it.

In addition, Resource Scheduling provides a dispatch board, enabling you to see where you are overstaffed and if you can reallocate resources. To speed up your payroll process, Resource Scheduling allows you to enter a crew time card. With this functionality, you can allocate the hours an entire crew spent working, rather than enter the employees’ times individually.

Effectively manage your preventive maintenance

Spectrum Equipment Management gives you the power to streamline and control all aspects of your preventive maintenance:

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