Employee Kiosk (EK) is a Module Designed to Offer all Your Employees the Ability to Enter Their Time Online and to View and Print Their Payroll Check Stubs

This functionality is available to all your employees regardless of the number of Spectrum licenses you own.

My Time App

My Time gives all your employees the ability to enter or edit new time card records as well as view summary information on previous entries.

My Payroll Checks App

My Payroll Checks provides summary information about recent paychecks and allows the employee to print earnings statements.

Creating Spectrum Logons for Employees

Employee Kiosk comes with an easy-to-use utility that lets managers quickly implement the module and maintain on-going administration of employee access.

After initial implementation, you can easily update the ID and password fields. And by simply clicking on the email envelope icon, your employee will receive a message containing their log on credentials.

Security access is tightly controlled. Employees can only access and view their own payroll information. Specifically, the new Contacts feature in Spectrum version 14 creates a link between the employee and operator code, strictly controlling what the user can see.

Deploy across your entire organization. Existing Spectrum operators can use their standard logon credentials to access Employee Kiosk provided the System Administrator has granted them access. Just like access to the Spectrum Dashboard, non-Spectrum operators who access Employee Kiosk do not take up the use of a concurrent license.

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