Construction Procurement

Simplified procure-to-pay processes for subcontractors and materials

Make your business purchasing approvals/processes more efficient by managing subcontractor invoices and materials purchasing in one integrated solution: Trimble Construction One

Why is construction procurement difficult for contractors?

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Inefficient Materials Procurement Processes

Without a way to review requests from site supervisors regarding multiple materials orders, creating a PO can be delayed, slowing down payment.

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Subcontractor Payment Workflow

Workflows are ineffective when there’s no automated way to review and approval of subcontractor invoices and share status and payment information with subs.

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Inaccurate Procure-to-Pay

Access to important job cost data is necessary for accurate, efficient procure-to-pay processes for subcontractors and materials providers alike.

With Viewpoint construction procurement solutions, managing Procure-to-pay Processes For Subs And Materials Has Never Been Easier

Trimble Construction One improves productivity and speeds up procurement processes by streamlining business purchasing reviews and approvals with automated workflows.

Simplify Your Materials Procurement Process

Project managers can create items to automatically route for approval. Purchase agents can review and combine requests into single PO before sending back to jobsite supervisor for payment once materials are received — all in one streamlined workflow.

Streamline Subcontractor Management and Payments

Increase productivity and visibility of project management. Subs can submit pay applications and compliance documents for review and approval, then see the resulting status of invoices and payments.

Access Realtime Data to Improve Procurement Workflows

Access important, realtime subcontractor and materials data for accurate, efficient reviewing and processing of subcontractor invoices and materials purchase orders.

Simplified Procure-to-pay Processes

Viewpoint's construction procurement solutions streamline the procurement process for improved productivity through automated workflows. Learn how today.

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