Construction Expense Management

Field to office expense management from one integrated solution automates, simplifies and streamlines

Managing job-related expenses is complicated, but it doesn't have to be. The expense management solution available within Trimble Construction One allows you to track, manage and approve job-related expenses — and apply them to the right job — from the field to office in a simple workflow.

Why is managing job-related construction expenses so difficult?

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Limited Visibility into Field Expenses

From tracking down and coding receipts to managing the location of paper files, without a simple, automated way to manage the paper trail, accounting risks grow.

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Lack of System Integration

When everyone isn't on the same software, the truth is hard to find. Errors and lost email trails breed confusion and frustration, especially for employees who need reimbursement quickly.

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Accurate Job Costing Needs Expense Management

Did a visit to a big box home store for extra parts become necessary today? Better hope that receipt ends up back in the office, let alone connected to the right job for billing.

Streamline & Automate Construction Expense Management Challenges In Realtime With Trimble Construction One

Trimble Construction One enables employees to photograph, upload and code expenses the moment they are purchased, enabling accurate job costing and faster repayment to employees for out of pocket expenses.

Accurately Capture Additional Expenses Quickly & Easily

Jobs have needs that aren't managed through materials procurement. A part or tool is needed to ensure projects stay on task and expense needs to be billed accurately and attached to the right job.

Manage & Approve Expenses More Efficiently

Ensure you receive expenses in a timely fashion directly into the ERP from the mobile application that captured the expense, coded to the right job and attached to the next invoice.

Take the Risk Out of Employee Hands

Remove the stress of reimbursement from employees. Make it easier for them to risk shelling out their own money if they know the process to get repaid is easy and seamless — and keep jobs moving faster and on track.

Reduce Errors from the Field

Automate paper files moving between the office and field. Capture and approve expenses online to avoid time-consuming and costly errors from a careless paper system and worse — under-billing on a job.

Flexible, Integrated Expense Management

Trimble Construction One's expense management capabilities make it easier to seamlessly track and manage expenses from the field to the office. Learn how today.

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