Reliable software with a reliable plan. With a disaster recovery plan, our target recovery point objective is 5 minutes. This includes a secure off site backup location, daily differential backups and weekly full backup.

A reliable experience—from disaster recovery to data backups, we have various programs and testing plans in place to ensure data integrity and maximum uptime.

This includes contingency plans to restore partial or full service as soon as possible if an incident occurs, highly experienced staff and redundant data backups. Viewpoint also maintains a quality assurance and change management process. This process includes risk analysis and verification before being installed on the production system.

Our average uptime for all of our cloud products globally is 99.98%. This is based on actual performance from September 2019 through June 2020, excluding planned maintenance, updates, and upgrades.

All of our processes and procedures have been prioritized to put privacy, trust and access to your data at the very center of what we do.