Expense Management for Employees in the Construction Industry

Now, employees can capture and manage expenditures, reconcile credit card expenses, view paystubs and submit timecards from any desktop or mobile device with a browser connection.

Whether on-the-go or in the office, employees can:

  • Submit expenses directly to their manager
  • Securely set up direct deposit
  • Access time cards
  • Download and view compensation summary documents including W-2, T4 and 1095-C
  • Reconcile credit card expenses

Employee Expense Management — Five Easy Steps

With Vista integration, empower employees to manage their expenses in five easy steps:

  • Employees take a picture of their receipt
  • Upload it to HR Management from a desktop or mobile device.
  • Code the Expense Type found directly in the Vista HR Management Database. Receipts can be coded beyond Job and General Ledger to include Equipment, Mechanics Work Order and more
  • The expense is now ready for manager approval
  • Approval is designated to Administrators and can be edited in HR Management. Once approved, the expense can be sent to a payroll or AP batch in the Vista Database

Reconcile Credit Card Expenses

Employees can easily import credit card transactions into HR Management. Then reconcile credit card expenses and code to the proper job or general ledger accounts and settle with vendors via an Accounts Payable batch.

Learn how Expense Management can help empower employees while saving valuable HR time and improving workflow.

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