Digital Applicant Tracking and Onboarding for Construction

Give your website, applicant tracking process and onboarding procedures a boost with electronic workflows for each step of the hiring process.

  • A career web page that fully integrates the applicant portal to Vista
  • Standardize Job Templates to make posting a new position easy
  • A dashboard to organize applications and interview candidates
  • A manageable, digital onboarding process

Career Webpage

On your own corporate website, construction HR Managers can easily post new jobs, review applications and guide new talent seamlessly through the applicant tracking and onboarding process—all integrated back to Vista.

Standardized Job Posting Templates

Uploading new job posting is easy with built in job templates that allow HR teams to quickly and easily post new positions and recruit skilled talent quickly.

Dashboards for Application and Interview Processes

Quickly view and organize applications and send email notifications to guide applicants along the interview process—all in one dashboard.

Digital Onboarding Process

Manual, paper processes are removed. Employees can digitally enter up-to-date personal information, HR can assign onboarding tasks to new employees and manage signatures for company documents with an audit trail showing who did what and when.

Learn how Digital Application Tracking and Onboarding can help your construction organization quickly recruit and hire new, talented construction employees.

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