Payroll in Construction

Stay on top of key job costs by managing labor (and equipment time) from anywhere

Viewpoint's construction payroll time entry solution is an easy-to-use mobile app for managing labor (and equipment time!) from the jobsite, sending data seamlessly to the back office for efficient payroll management.

What makes construction payroll management so difficult?

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Lack of Payroll Data from Jobsite

Managing labor time from the field is often inefficient, causing a buildup of paperwork and adding potential errors from duplicate data entry.

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Unsure How Payroll Impacts Estimates

Without payroll data figuring into operational data, it’s difficult to show the gain/loss vs. the original contract estimate adding risk to profitability.

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Manual Processes Slowing Productivity

By streamlining the data entry tasks, Viewpoint construction payroll solutions and mobile apps save time by improving the speed and accuracy of payroll processes.

Streamline the Payroll Process by Easily Adding Labor Time From the Jobsite Into a Simple, Secure Mobile Interface

Experience the freedom of mobile time entry. Viewpoint construction payroll solutions help manage labor and equipment time from the jobsite on a mobile device integrated with job costing for seamless payroll processes.

Save Time and Eliminate Errors

Truly manage labor and equipment time from the job site. Supervisors can quickly enter payroll data from the job, then have that data integrate seamlessly with back office payroll and human resources applications.

Enter Signatures from a Mobile Device

Employees and managers can sign for daily or weekly time entry on a mobile device. Signatures are automatically synced to the Viewpoint payroll time entry portal, where they can be reviewed and processed.

Access Data from Anywhere

Enter payroll data from anywhere — no Internet connection required. All changes are stored safely until you are within coverage range. The mobile app operates on both Android and Apple tablets and smartphones, and can run on Windows 10 as a Windows 10 app.

Mobile Payroll Time Entry From Anywhere

Viewpoint helps streamline your payroll workflows from the field to the office in one integrated solution. Let us show you how.

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