Materials Management for Construction

Connect Materials Use to Job Costing and More

From maintaining your inventory, billing for materials time and effective project planning, manage your construction materials with confidence and peace of mind using integrated construction software.

Why is Managing Construction Materials Difficult?

Keeping track of inventory, storage and project changes and updates that occur on a regular basis isn’t easy. It’s especially difficult if organisations are using manual processes and can’t access material and inventory data in real-time.

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Forecasting Issues

Project deliverables change during the life of a project — and so do materials and their availability. Mismanagement could impact cost, project progress and create frustration among field teams, while also skewing project reporting.

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Manual Processes Leading to Errors

Information such as storage, shipping, receipts, project process and vendor information are hard to keep track of — especially through spreadsheets and manual processes. Automate to reduce errors.

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Lack of Tracking

Who picked up the inventory? Is it being used and are more materials needed? Often, these questions are answered last minute, causing project delays.

Manage Materials Successfully with Viewpoint Construction Software

You can improve project planning, remove manual processes and gain control over your inventory with software built specifically for the construction industry. Enter ViewpointOne.

Boost Forecasting by Gaining Better Insight Into Projects

A modern software system like ViewpointOne allows all your teams — from the office to the field and back again — to stay on the same page. Get details into project progress, reports and material usage in realtime, allowing you see and address materials management challenges before it's too late.

Turn Manual Processes Into Business Growth

Stop confusion caused by multiple spreadsheets and improve efficiency by using a system that allows easy tracking and visibility for everyone in realtime. Store receipts, material planning and pickup information in one place.

Manage Your Inventory with Ease. Finally.

Your field teams can update the system and understand when items are ready to be picked up. No more ordering materials last minute — inventory tracking is kept in one system.

Materials Management Construction Software You'll Love

Viewpoint's materials management solution adds accountability to your business. Let us show you how.

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