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Engage with thousands of your construction industry professionals as active members.

Join over 7,900 of your fellow construction industry professionals who are active members of the user community. The Network offers a forum for participating in lively discussions, learning how to get the most out of your Trimble Viewpoint and ProjectSight solutions, sharing candid feedback with Trimble product experts, and staying up-to-date on the industry’s most recent developments.

Connect with Your Peers, Participate, Learn and Get Recognized

Get the most out of your construction technology through networking with your peers.

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Connect and Share

Chat with other users and thought leaders, share feedback with product experts in an easy-to-navigate and collaborative platform.

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Learn and Grow

Stay up to date with Trimble Viewpoint and ProjectSight solutions through shared best practices, webinars and live discussions.

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Get Recognition

Earn rewards and get recognized for your participation, sharing product feedback and collaborating with other users.

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Whether it’s connecting with like-minded software users, thought leaders, and the Trimble team, or getting updates on product releases, enhancements, and new features—The Network is here for individuals to connect with those who know the software best.

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Simply put, The Network is one more way we can deliver value, build education, and help our users create relationships with professionals like them. If you have questions, please reach out.

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