If You’re a Construction Company, You’re a Data Company.

Secure and protect your construction business with Trimble Construction One

Secure Your Data, Secure Your Business

It’s time to modernize your construction processes. The likelihood of a data breach is high, and your customers and employees expect you to take security seriously. Protect your construction business from data security and cybersecurity threats with Trimble Construction One.

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Cloud-Based Protection

A connected construction management platform keeps your sensitive business data—like financial info, personal employee data, and project designs—safe and secure in the cloud.

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Reduce Your IT Burden

Moving your construction data and processes to the cloud can reduce or eliminate your on-premise IT footprint — AND reduce the burden on IT staff, freeing them to focus on business improvement initiatives.

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User-based Permissions

Different jobs need different kinds of information. Role-based user permissions give different teams the info they need (and nothing they don’t), reducing human errors that can lead to a data breach.

Run a Better, More Resilient Business

You know security is important. And you know you’re vulnerable. Trimble Construction One makes it easier to follow best practices and stay secure, so your business is more resilient to cyberattacks.

Top-Notch Cybersecurity

Trimble Construction One components include the highest security standards, such as third-party security certifications for SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and NIST 800-171.

Layered User Security Protocols

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single-Sign-On (SSO) simplify and improve security for your employees, allowing them to move from program to program more quickly.

24/7 In-House Security Operations

Our in-house security experts are here to assist with cyberattacks and data recovery—on top of regular, automated vulnerability scanning, antivirus protection, and other security protocols.

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