360-Degree Project Management with ProjectSight

Everyone on your project team needs up-to-date information, in the office and out in the field.

The buck stops with self-performing contractors. You’re on the hook for delivering work, no matter what. Changing material pricing? Labor shortage? Doesn’t matter. You need real-time information and project financials, now more than ever.

Project Management Software for Contractors

Connect project management and operations to your accounting system of record: Total budget & cost management, organize documents, improve coordination of drawings, BIM, and specs.

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Eliminate Costly Surprises

Stay on time and within budget with full visibility into potential change orders, subcontract change orders, and prime change orders, before they occur.

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Establish Trust with Your Clients

Ensure that construction project documentation is thorough, complete and a record of communication is available to gain credibility and reduce claims.

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Unlock Greater Precision

Give your construction business and project teams access to the latest drawings and BIM in the field. Access accurate constructable models and build collaborative project workflows to fuel precision.

Connect project management to financials in your ERP

When access to essential documents isn’t enough, ProjectSight offers a complete operational suite for project costs and budgets, project, and communications.

ProjectSight connects your operations to your accounting system—which in turn connects to estimating, labor, equipment, material and production entry, web-based reporting, and more, as part of Trimble Construction One.

Monitor Costs & Budgets

Get complete visibility into the financial status of projects and potential risks. That’s right: General contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and architects, all using the same real-time financial information.

Collaborate with Constructible Models

Combine architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing on one screen in a complete constructible model, to identify and solve issues and clashes proactively.

Create Accountability

Operate together between the field and office, subcontractors, architects and engineers and make sure everyone is held accountable for their responsibilities and action items.

Customized Security

Create custom security roles, and select which information different roles can access.

Designed with a Focus on Efficiency

Automate some of the most time-consuming aspects of managing specs.

Give your PMs the tools they need to be successful.

See ProjectSight in action! Schedule a demo today, get a personalized look at the top-tier project management solution from Trimble, and bring your project to life.

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