Construction Work Orders

Streamline the service work order process with a mobile-first solution to empowers your field techs

From generating work orders at the office or in the field, to managing the process from request to payment, Viewpoint’s integrated, mobile solution streamlines every step of the service work order process.

What are common problems with manual work orders?

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Mistakes & Missing Work Orders

Billing information on work orders can be miscalculated or go unaccounted for, causing delayed or inaccurate billings — and a big hit to the bottom line.

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Inaccurate Reporting Leads to Errors

Without integration to an ERP system, it’s difficult to provide detailed, accurate reports and work orders to technicians in the field to access the work history and details.

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Techs Can’t Access Work Order Details

When techs can’t access important work order information from a tablet or mobile device, inefficient work and roadblocks hinder timely billings — impacting cashflow, satisfaction and even payment collection.

Viewpoint Streamlines Every Step Of The Work Order Process For Forward-thinking Service Builders

Let Viewpoint help empower your service technicians to be their own managers in the field through an intuitive mobile solution that streamlines the creation and execution of work orders.

Eliminate Paper & Manual Work Order Processes

Let service technicians focus on their real work, rather than the paperwork. Eliminate paper-based work order processes and enable access on a simple mobile device built specifically for their needs to improve service and speed up billings.

Improve Service & Employee Retention

When you enable your field technicians with the right tools to efficiently do their jobs better, you increase the job satisfaction and employee retention of critical team members.

Follow the Money: Avoid Errors & Lost Work Orders

Protect your bottom line with a mobile work order solution that’s integrated with your ERP to avoid miscalculations or work orders that never get processed.

Gain A Streamlined, Efficient Work Order Process

Viewpoint’s ERP-integrated, mobile solution streamlines the work order process so your field techs can focus on their service work — not the paperwork.

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