Construction Quality Control

Maintain the quality of your projects with early issue detection for better outcomes

Gain realtime visibility into project status with Viewpoint’s automated quality control solutions. Simplify the capture and reporting of data from the field to the office, letting you quickly resolve issues for more profitable projects.

What project quality control issues do builders face?

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Notifying Crews & Subs of Spec Changes

Without an easy way to access communications in the field, work crews and subcontractors may not receive design and spec changes in time, causing errors and requiring re-work.

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Manual Inspections & Test Processes

Manual inspections and test processes without automated documentation and seamless reporting from any device open a window to defects that need attention later.

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Early Detection of Problems

Project profitability can go down quickly without a way to detect defects or non-conformance problems early, enabling necessary changes before the budget and schedule is impacted.

Deliver Exceptional Projects With Automated Construction Quality Controls

Viewpoint provides the accessible-anywhere software suite you need to automate QA processes, helping you avoid defects in materials and workmanship. Easily capture, share and report data from the field to the back office and manage quality with inspections that address non-conformance and reduce rework.

Consistent Quality Control Processes Across Projects

Ensure consistent field data capture through automated capture, sharing and reporting of data in the field, allowing builders to quickly resolve issues, mitigate risks and deliver higher quality projects.

Realtime Visibility into Project Status

The ViewpointOne suite enables builders to see project data in realtime, so they always know the status of identified issues. Integration between solutions, advanced reporting and mobile access delivers the ability implement and manage identified fixes connected to the same job.

Ensure Projects are Completed to Plan and Spec

ViewpointOne simplifies field-to-office communications, so field managers and subcontractors know the plan, including change orders, so that projects are delivered error-free and up to spec.

Ensure The Quality Of Every Project

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