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    ERP: Vista , ProContractor , Jobpac

    Category: Reporting and Analytics

    State: New South Wales

    Spreadsheet Server is a financial reporting solution for Jobpac, Vista and Spectrum. Spreadsheet Server enables users to gain live access to data within Excel for secure financial and operational reporting, budgeting and automated report delivery.

    [email protected]

  • Agave API

    ERP: Vista , Jobpac

    Category: Specialty Software

    (805) 394-3112

    Agave is a unified API for construction. Our customers are software vendors who serve construction companies (e.g. general contractors). We help these software vendors integrate their product with all the systems their customers use (e.g. ERPs, project management, scheduling products) via a single, well-documented API. We reduce the time it takes them to integrate from weeks-months to hours.

    Samantha Zhang

    [email protected]

  • Earlytrade

    ERP: Vista , Jobpac

    Category: Budgeting and Financing , Payment Management

    +61 1300 508 810

    Earlytrade is an early settlement system designed for the construction industry that enables subcontractors and vendors to request early payment from their general contractors, developers and asset owners on certified work and approved invoices. The system uses dynamic discounting technology and marketplace price setting to deliver savings to general contractors on project spend. General contractors pay subcontractors early, and the exact same way, in exchange for discounts. Earlytrade can be seamlessly switched on with all Viewpoint platforms with Earlytrade managing the onboarding of subcontractors and use of the system. No additional process is required to be adopted by general contractors. Simply invite your subcontractors and vendors to use it on-demand and watch the program scale and the savings come in!

    Ben Turner
    Enterprise Sales Director, North America

    [email protected]

  • Established in 1888, the Herga Group is one of the top Trimble dealers in the world. Across our companies we are the exclusive distribution partner for the sale of Trimble Equipment, technology solutions, parts and service support in our territories. Headquartered in Brisbane, we have over 220 employees throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

    We sell, rent, service and support customers across a range of industries including construction, geospatial, mining, transport, local government, buildings, and marine.

    SITECH Construction Systems - for over 10 years SITECH has been the authorised Trimble dealer offering solutions for all aspects of earthmoving and related works, bringing unprecedented levels of accuracy, safety and efficiency to our customers with the full range of Trimble hardware and software and is recognised as an industry leader throughout the territories we operate in.

    BuildingPoint encompasses a suite of products across construction and building-related technology. BuildingPoint is the official source for best-in-business software and hardware brands such as Tekla, SketchUp, and Trimble, and has been part of the group since 2014.

    UPG (Ultimate Positioning Group) is your technical partner in the geospatial and monitoring sphere. This group is the original member of the Herga Group and has been in operation for over 130 years. In 1992 we became the Trimble distribution partner and we continue to deliver Trimble solutions and technology to urban and outback Australia.

    Information Alignment, headquartered in WA, is the newest member of the group having been purchased in October 2019 from Trimble. IA provides information systems for enterprise-wide monitoring and management of mining and ore processing operations.

    Tim McPhilips
    General Manager, Australia

  • Payapps

    ERP: Vista , Jobpac

    Category: Payment Management

    State: Victoria

    1300 252 463

    Payapps is a purpose-built Software as a Service solution, designed to make the contracts administration process more efficient, saving users time, money, and reducing risk. It enables contract parties to collaborate online via a neutral platform, eliminating the need for endless spreadsheet reconciliations and email trails. Payapps has been designed to meet the specific needs of the global construction industry, administer payment claims online, in seconds, over the web. Prepare, submit. Assess, certify. Job done.

    Brett Stephenson
    Chief Revenue Officer

    [email protected]

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